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Ever ask yourself how many customers contact you each day, and how many leave without learning more about your business? The solution to keeping those customers on the line is an informative, professionally created audio branded, Message On Hold Program


Our Broadcast House is a digital music and commercial service for any business’ background audio application. Deliver customized audio ads, announcements and messages through your internal paging system, enhancing the customer experience with targeted overhead marketing and curated background music


Our recording studios are staffed by experienced recording engineers , ensuring the highest sound quality available. Together with our creative team, we will work with you to bring all the pieces together for the right message for your business

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Sound Your Best

When your IVR or Auto Attendant connects with an important customer call, the quality of that interaction is crucial. Does it project a polished, professional first impression, or does it seem improvised and unrefined? Often, these systems feature voices ill-suited for professional recordings, like reluctant employees or untrained technicians who happened to be available at the time of installation.

With Professional Voice Greeting Prompts from Please Hold Canada, we can transform your business’ audio presence overnight, significantly enhancing your corporate image with expertly crafted, professional audio content.

Video - Bringing Your Message On Hold To Life

Maximize your branding and the value of your Message On Hold production with our Video On Demand service. Included with our customized Message On Hold package is a Video On Hold production that can be used in many ways, such as:

  • Email Signatures
  • Sales Presentations
  • Trade Shows
  • Websites

Let us manage your audio and video content too.

Have Your Downloaded The Music Zeppelin App Yet?

With the Music Zeppelin app you will have access to all Music Choice channels for your business, as well as the ability to control your On Hold Marketing productions.

Your Own In-Store Radio

Leverage your most engaged audience—your in-store customers. Storecasting enables you to deliver integrated audio advertisements or messages, accompanied by curated background music, directly to customers within your establishment. This approach transforms your background music ambiance into a dynamic environment enhanced by strategic messaging.

Our scalable Storecasting solutions, suitable for single or multi-site setups, provide the flexibility to offer unique programming for each store or region. With easy centralized control, we excel in creating customized solutions to meet your specific needs!

Boost Sales...Maximize Worker Productivity...Enhance Your Image

Studies show Background Music influences Sales

  • 65% of businesses say that music in the workplace makes us more productive

  • 77% of consumers prefer environments with music

  • 38% increase in the chance of closing a sale when background music is present

Please Hold Canada delivers Music Choice channels in a seamless and maintenance free manner that allows you to do what you do best; run your business!


New customer acquisition costs are 5 times that of selling to existing customers! Enhance, refine, and bolster your company image by catering to your most captive audience with In-Store and On Hold Music and Messaging.


We have the capabilities to implement your On Hold and Overhead Marketing requirements, from Studio to Deployment to Content Management, with solutions that are scalable. You can trust that we will deliver your content quickly and conveniently.

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