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PLEASE HOLD CANADA is a full-service Background Music, Audio/Video (A/V) and Message On Hold broadcaster with studios in Canada and the United States. Sales offices are located in Sarnia, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Port Huron, Atlanta, Miami and Phoenix. Founded in April 1985, Please Hold Canada has grown steadily to become one of the leading Background Music, A/V and Message On Hold suppliers world wide, with clients spread out globally.

As one of the pioneers of our A/V and Message On Hold concept, we have been instrumental in the design and format of the creative programming and the selection of durable equipment, as it is being used today by Message On Hold suppliers globally.

Our experience and our continuing innovative planning will ensure that your company will receive the highest quality creative programming, with the most technologically advanced equipment, at a fair price.

As we have done in the past, we will continue driving and shaping these voice managed services enabling us to ensure that you, our clients, are always projecting a professional image.

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